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  • jamesoon  2019-12-5 15:03

    My Photo

    My Photo
  • YoungNFree  2019-10-20 19:55


    A guy randomly asked me out, he's funny and sweet but something sounds suspicious
  • Sammy  2019-10-1 04:51
    I recently helped my mother choose new jeans that would emphasize her good figure and match her age, I found this article [url]https://style ...

    How do you keep skinny jeans from stretching out at the leg holes

    How do you keep skinny jeans from stretching out at the leg holes?
    Whenever I wear my skinny jeans, after a while it sinks down a bit and the leg hole gets pressed against the ankles making it flare out and lose its elasticity. Is there any way to avoid this?
  • jenna_19  2018-10-10 02:29

    My uncle tried to molest me. What should I do?

    My uncle is only five years older than me. We have been living in one roof since I was a baby. My mother died when she delivered me. My father is a foreign man by the way. My mom worked as their helper and she got her impregnated. I don’t have any idea where on earth he is right now. It’s my grandparents who took care of me since then. So basically, my uncle and I are like siblings. He’s a sweet uncle. I never thought he can do such thing to me. This doesn’t just happen once or twice but for the fourth time already. I wanna tell my grandparents about this but I’m afraid they may not believe me. What should I do now?
  • concern101  2018-10-9 20:19

    Is it rightful to choose the best partner for my son?

    My son has been single for 4 years now. As an old lady, I want my son to get married and hopefully, take care of my grandkids and be happy with someone in his life. Without his knowledge, I signed him up for a foreign dating event in his behalf. I’m pretty sure he’ll meet a respectable and loving woman from that event. I know I’m doing this for my son’s sake, but do you think this is rightful? After all, it’s all about his own happiness, especially in terms of marriage and spending the rest of his life with someone he really loves.
  • sonindoubt93  2018-10-8 00:57

    Mom came back after bailing for 20 years.

    I grew up with my dad for most of my life. When I was younger, my mom left us and went to a foreign country, which none of us knew where. All her siblings would just say she went to another place with no further explanation. Dad tried to find her but to no avail. After years of searching, he decided it was best if he focused his attention on me rather than looking for someone who doesn’t want to be found.
    My dad passed away 2 years ago and now my mother comes back saying sorry for abandoning us for over two decades. She said she was sick and didn’t want to be a burden to me and my dad. She said she knew my father wouldn’t be able to sustain all the cost for treatment while spending for my education. I don’t know how I feel about her reason or how to feel for her. Should I listen to her? Do I welcome her back to my life?
  • preggywife30  2018-10-5 00:44

    I just lost my husband before our baby comes out.

    Nothing was very heartbreaking for a pregnant woman like me than receiving a call from a nurse informing me that my husband just had a car accident and was barely breathing. Just before I get inside my dad’s car, I heard my mom sobbing at the shotgun seat. I was afraid to ask her what’s wrong. She just turned to me while shaking her head no. I knew what she meant but my heart and mind wouldn’t want to absorb it.
    My dear husband just died and he won’t be able to see our baby come out. It was really really painful. He was a noble man, but why him? He loved everything in me. He showed to me that loving me is certainly one of his missions in this world. He was the man I always dreamed to be with until I grow older. Sadly, it won’t happen anymore. And that is something I can’t seem to accept.
  • melissa45  2018-10-5 00:40

    Should I let my daughter study in a foreign counrty?

    My daughter will be going to college next year and she wants to study abroad. She actually wants to go and study in Europe because she believes that Europe offers a higher educational training of the degree program of her choice. I believe in this but I’m not sure if I can send her there. I don’t know if she will be okay being alone in a foreign land knowing that I can’t watch over her. However, I also want her to attain better education that Europe can offer. Will it really be okay for her to study there?
  • roland07  2018-10-3 01:36

    I met an aggressive and unpredictable Colombian woman

    So I got to this pub while I was in Colombia for a week-long vacation. While I was there, there was this group of Colombian women who were also in the same pub as I was. Then an unexpected scene happened. I somehow won a date with one of those Colombianas there. I mean not to brag but it was quite easy to win a date with her. We met up at this restaurant she liked and we ate dinner and talked. Apparently, it ended up unexpectedly. She was all okay for the first hours but then went all agressive on me for not giving her my coat. Okay, this sounds crazy that I was even shocked myself but yes, she got all mad and aggressive with her words just because of that little incident that I did not offered her my coat. I mean, how could I know she was cold? She dared to wear backless so I thought she’d be okay. Do you think I did it wrong?
  • worriedmom45  2018-10-3 00:32

    My son has been bullied in school. What to do?

    My son has been bullied in his school and it was long before I knew. I talked to his teacher and she assured me it won’t happen again but it did. The next time it happened, I already talked to the principal. He suspended the students who bullied my son but the bullying continued when the students get back to school. My son didn’t want to go to school anymore because of the trauma. Due to that, I transferred him to a foreign and costly school which I believe won’t tolerate bullying. I don’t mind paying a large amount of money, as long as my son will feel comfortable. However, the problem now is that, my son won’t like going to school anymore no matter how hard I convince him. What should I do?
  • ldrelationship2  2018-9-25 20:47

    Any tips for LDRs?

    My boyfriend is planning to move to Colombia next month for work. We both love each other dearly and have agreed to have a long-distance relationship, but I’m a bit skeptical on how we can make this work out. I read some love tour testimonials from couples that have LDRs and it seems communication is the key to making it work out. Any other tips or advice you guys can give me to help maintain our relationship? I appreciate it!

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